You must make an attempt to tour Bhutan at least once in your life time; Bhutan often referred to as the last Shangri-La, is a land of outstanding people, remarkable scenery, natural wonders, proud and vibrant culture.  Bhutan offers the opportunity to experience some outstanding cultural tours and treks in the world.

Our tour will introduce you to plethora of fortresses or Dzongs, which Bhutanese have used to guard from invasions in ancient times.  Tour will also take you to cliff-side temples and monasteries, traditional farmhouse dotted on hillside and turquoise-colored rivers meandering through deep valleys.  A cultural tour will take you deep into Bhutan in a comfortable vehicle using accommodation carefully selected for your ambience.  Festivals, the colorful and exciting mask dance events that capture age-old Bhutanese traditions also forms one of main events of our tour in Bhutan.

Many visitors are put off by the perception that it is expensive to tour Bhutan and there are restrictions on visiting the country, which is simply not the case.  Once you understand its pricing policy, catch hold of your tour operator, procedures for visiting Bhutan is easy and simple.  Bhutan charges a straight forward fee for every night that covers everything that you need such as tour, food, hotels, transport and guide.

Bhutan Travelers is a locally owned tour company with a deep understanding and insight into the country and its people.  Let Bhutan Travelers take you on a tour into this rare, exotic land.